The Bible is authority and power (OT)

These five Bible texts make a great start.

For decades we’ve used a study series two of us created in 1985 for our evangelism work in Brazil. The first lesson starts with the subject of the Bible.

The series has several good features, such as simplicity — we use a 3×5 (or 4×6) index card and write out the references and key words as we go. We also don’t jump around the Bible, but each study moves forward from one text to another. Continue reading “The Bible is authority and power (OT)”

Go in this might of yours

Three passages about Gideon, a man of valor.

Falling into sin again after 40 years of serving the Lord, God’s people are told by a prophet that it is their fear of the world that has caused them to disobey. That’s not how the people understand it though. When the angel first comes to Gideon, this son hiding his threshing from the Midianites believes that God has forsaken them (Judges 6). Continue reading “Go in this might of yours”