The Christian’s bread and butter

Back in 2011 I made this list, in Portuguese, for some now forgotten project. For some time now, I’ve sought to put God squarely in the center of all teaching. This list might be useful to you for a class or lesson as a starter idea, or even a series.

  1. To do the will of God.
  2. To edify the church of God.
  3. To obey the Word of God.
  4. To proclaim the gospel of God.
  5. To glorify the name of God.
  6. To ask the blessing of God.
  7. To depend upon the grace of God.

Supplying appropriate Bible texts should not be difficult.

The Portuguese original called this the Christian’s rice and beans, a staple food in Brazil.

More recently, my evangelistic studies have also reflected the same God-centered concern in the way they are structured, but we’ll leave that list for another time.


J. Randal Matheny
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