The Bible as authority and power (NT)

For the first part of this evangelistic study, see here. Write the text and key word on your index card below the Old Testament scriptures. See the first part of the study for details on how to teach this series.

Matthew 22.23-33 — READ

​Ignorance of the Bible is the source of error. We must read it. In the Bible God is speaking to us.

Mark 7.5-9 — DISTINGUISH

To follow God’s way, we must distinguish between truth and the traditions or teachings of men.

John 8.31-32 — REMAIN

To be a disciple, we must constantly follow the Scriptures.

Acts 17.10-12 — EXAMINE DAILY

To be sure of our faith, it is important to study the Word constantly.

2 Timothy 3.14-17 — INSPIRED

The Bible itself claims and demonstrates that it comes from God and, therefore, deserves the greatest dedication to its message. It makes us wise for salvation.

Hebrews 4.12-13 — EFFECTIVE

The word is powerful and achieves what it intends to do — even when it comes to judgment. We can receive it willingly now or face its penetrating judgment later.

Revelation 22.18-19 — RESPECT

The principle of accepting and respecting the Bible exactly as it is is also applies to this last book of the Bible, and to every book.


  1. Accept the Bible as the only authority on spiritual matters.
  2. Read the Bible daily.


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