God is always the same, in this way, too

Learn what it means for Jesus to be our propitiation.

Who trembles before the fearsome God? Today, people speak with contempt of the times when they talked about divine justice, God’s wrath and his holiness. There was certainly manipulation and exaggeration in it. But such seriousness is better than talking about God as Daddy in heaven and treating him as if he were a heavenly Santa Claus. Can we restore the following truth to our faith? Continue reading “God is always the same, in this way, too”

Every day is Thanksgiving

We have the loving and powerful God to thank.

First of all, a joyful Thanksgiving to you and yours. We are enjoying the day with family, here in the USA. (We arrived a few weeks ago.) Last week, all our children and their families gathered together for a special time. We’ve enjoyed food, rest, and recreation together. Continue reading “Every day is Thanksgiving”

20 years of column is no small feat

A bunch of motleys and uncounted blessings.

After 20 years of blessing us with his articles here on Forthright, Mike Brooks is retiring from a weekly commitment. We are grateful for his insights and friendship. His column “Field Notes,” often based on experiences in Nepal and Bangladesh, will remain online to bless new readers. Mike says he wrote 875 articles for his column. Most of those are in the archives, which still must be uploaded, again, to the internet and made available for search. Continue reading “20 years of column is no small feat”

Book, chapter, verse and context

Among sundry items, the editor thinks he saw another chiasmus.

¶ I like book, chapter, and verse. Is there any other way to go? What’s not to like? Add in the context, and that approach will take us far.

¶ Critics there are of adhering closely to the sacred Text. It’s their way of getting you to pay attention to them. Continue reading “Book, chapter, verse and context”

‘The word came to me’

A divine event happened to one man in the midst of many.

The Bible proclaims to be a revelation from God and a product of the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. It consistently demonstrates that it is exactly what it claims to be. We can, therefore, open its pages with complete confidence that we are hearing the Word of God. Continue reading “‘The word came to me’”

‘I hate every wrong path’

The editor talks site changes, the will of God, provides a lesson outline, and more.

Regular readers will note a change in the site’s appearance, after many years. Even after a change of software back in April, when all our content was hacked, we kept the same theme after the rebound. We’ll be tweaking this one, but we hope it will serve the purpose well. Continue reading “‘I hate every wrong path’”

A better reading experience for you

It’s all here, but rearranged a bit.

As of today, Forthright Magazine articles will be shown on the homepage, while other content, such as The Fellowship Room blog, Believing Prayer, SermonLines, and Brotherhood News will be available in their own subsections and accessible via the menu at the top. Continue reading “A better reading experience for you”

Ask away (2)

More questions and answers about who we are as Christians.

This article continues the first part published last week.

What is your “line”? What do you preach? — Our sin requires punishment and death. Jesus bore our guilt. We were bought by the blood of Jesus. His death means our life. Our only mission in this world is to obey Christ and thus glorify God the Father. We take the authority of Scripture seriously for all our faith and practice. Where the Bible speaks, we speak; where the Bible is silent we are silent. We were rescued by the love of God, so that we might live in the love of his family, 1 Peter, chapter 1, verse 22. We make an open appeal to love God with our whole being, obey him fully, serve him gladly, accept all his Word, follow Jesus without reservation, erect no barrier but the cross, wait and pray for the Lord’s second coming, at which time we will, by his grace, enter into the celestial Kingdom. Continue reading “Ask away (2)”