The Holy Spirit and the prophets

The Spirit was active in the Old Testament.

The work of the Holy Spirit can be seen throughout the Old Testament. He often inspired men to deliver God’s message, called forth-telling. He also caused men to declare things that would happen in the future, or foretelling. We will look at just a few of these. Continue reading “The Holy Spirit and the prophets”

The Holy Spirit is a divine person

The Holy Spirit is one of three people who comprise God.

Some believe the Holy Spirit is merely a power or force. One group says, “[I]t is logical to conclude that the holy spirit is the active force of God. It is not a person but it is a powerful force that God causes to emanate from himself to accomplish his holy will” (Reasoning from the Scriptures, The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society 381) Continue reading “The Holy Spirit is a divine person”