House to House defines 2024 topics

HTH wants to help you reach your community.

BY MATT WALLIN ─ What’s your congregation’s evangelism plan for 2024? We at House to House are averaging more than three conversions a day reported back so far in 2023. We have put more prayer, time, and research into this year’s topics than ever before. Let us help you reach your community next year. Continue reading “House to House defines 2024 topics”

The Bible is authority and power (OT)

These five Bible texts make a great start.

For decades we’ve used a study series two of us created in 1985 for our evangelism work in Brazil. The first lesson starts with the subject of the Bible.

The series has several good features, such as simplicity — we use a 3×5 (or 4×6) index card and write out the references and key words as we go. We also don’t jump around the Bible, but each study moves forward from one text to another. Continue reading “The Bible is authority and power (OT)”

I hate to tell the story?

From the parable of the two sons.

“‘Which of the two did the will of his father?’ They said, ‘The first.’ Jesus said to them, ‘Truly, I say to you, the tax collectors and the prostitutes go into the kingdom of heaven before you’” Matthew 21:31.

So many of us, who have never shared the gospel with another person, sing the lyrics to “I Love to Tell the Story,” without really thinking about the contrast between our words and actions. Continue reading “I hate to tell the story?”

Explain it to an ET

We’re quickly being surrounded by a multitude of ETs.

In today’s troubled US political moment, a government official emerged claiming to have evidence of extra-terrestrial life. According to him, such evidence had been repressed by the authorities. Many people say that his announcement was just an attempt to divert attention from the evidence of corruption that comes up every day against the president and his son.

I don’t delve into politics. I never believed in ETs either. I cite the above case to take advantage of the moment and ask Christians: If an ET appeared from space, landed in your backyard or on your street and asked you to explain, from zilch, the main points of faith, what would you say? Continue reading “Explain it to an ET”