House to House defines 2024 topics

HTH wants to help you reach your community.

BY MATT WALLIN ─ What’s your congregation’s evangelism plan for 2024? We at House to House are averaging more than three conversions a day reported back so far in 2023. We have put more prayer, time, and research into this year’s topics than ever before. Let us help you reach your community next year. Continue reading “House to House defines 2024 topics”

Polishing the Pulpit event expands to Branson MO

PTP will host two events in 2024.

The brotherhood event, Polishing the Pulpit (PTP), has outgrown the facilities in Sevierville, TN, and will host two events in 2024, Matt Wallin said today. PTP Branson will be July 10-15, at Chateau on the Lake Convention Center. PTP Sevierville will be Aug. 16-22, at the Sevierville Convention Center. Continue reading “Polishing the Pulpit event expands to Branson MO”

God provides for a deliverer

The Almighty uses people who do not recognize him as existing to achieve his purposes.

Exodus begins with, “And these are the names,” indicating Moses is penning the continuation of the Genesis story. A list of the sons of Jacob who entered Egypt with their father is then given along with the fact that the entire group leaving Canaan numbered 70, not counting Joseph and his family who were already there (Exodus 1:1-5). Continue reading “God provides for a deliverer”

David Pharr has died: ‘Tremendous influence for good’

Hugh Fulford wrote: He had wielded a tremendous influence for good in the Carolinas for decades.

BY HUGH FULFORD — An email from Peggy Pharr, wife of well-known and longtime faithful gospel preacher, David Pharr, informed me that David passed away. (Her email was posted at 12:43 CST). Continue reading “David Pharr has died: ‘Tremendous influence for good’”