The struggle against evil is constant: Prayer

A prayer for Sunday and for every day.

Our only God of kindness …

The struggle against evil is constant, so we know your patience is so great, since we human beings get tired and discouraged when we look at the evil flood in the world and almost drown in it. Preserve us, O Sovereign, and keep our eyes on the Lord Jesus. He went to the end and rose from the dead with total victory. He will return to seek the faithful. I want to be in the middle of these. I want to fight the good fight and successfully finish the race. Continue reading “The struggle against evil is constant: Prayer”

Prayer: Think on the good

A short prayer about thinking and doing good, with an accompanying Bible verse.

From you, O God, come all good things.
So grant that we, your grateful church,
May by your power think on the good,
And do as well in loving acts,
In Jesus’ holy name, who lives
And reigns with you in Heaven above,
United with the Holy Spirit,
One God, both now and ever more.

Amen! Continue reading “Prayer: Think on the good”