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Getwell congregation closes, ministries move

MEMPHIS, TENN. (BNC) ─ The congregation at Getwell and Dunn closed their doors Oct. 29, after an announcement by the elders on the 1st of the month. The congregation’s Facebook page published a final note:

Thank you to all who came to Getwell Church of Christ on October 29 for our final day of services. Many faces from the past were there, lots of memories were recalled and many tears shed. While Getwell Church of Christ will no longer exist as a congregation of the Lord’s church, the works done by Getwell will continue to live on. House to House, Heart to Heart is continuing The Spiritual Sword journal and the lectureship. Olive Branch Church of Christ is continuing The Truth in Love (the longest running religious radio program in Memphis) radio program.
Please keep all the members from Getwell in your prayers as each one now searches for a new congregation to be a part of.

The congregation began in 1950. Reports on the reason for the closure cited declining attendance in an area of changing demographics.


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