Ask away (1)

Here are questions people ask us about our faith.

With so many religions in the world today, many people find it difficult to evaluate teachings and make sense of what they all stand for. When we examine the life of Jesus Christ and his teachings, however, we find that his message is very different from what is being preached by the competing religious groups.

The following questions are common ones for people meeting us for the first time. Our prayer is that, through the replies given, you can appreciate the simplicity of the Good News of Jesus and realize your need for commitment to the Lord of all creation and Savior of those who seek him. Continue reading “Ask away (1)”

Is 2023 the only Year of the Mission?

God sends, Jesus calls, here’s how to respond.

When I say that the year 2023 is for me the Year of the Mission, what do I mean? It’s not that other years weren’t mission years, nor that future years won’t be. It is a way of organizing my plans and my teaching. Something I do each year, using a theme for emphasis. Continue reading “Is 2023 the only Year of the Mission?”

3 important principles for starting again

These principles put into practice what Jesus did.

When inventor Thomas Edison watched his laboratory burn to the ground, he supposedly commented that he was happy to be able to begin again from scratch. That attitude has reminded me over the past several days that God gives us many opportunities in the midst of trials, disasters, and suffering. Continue reading “3 important principles for starting again”