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A heartbroken mother did what she could

2 Kings 4:8-37: A heartbroken mother did what she could.

As many prophets were, Elisha was a traveling preacher. When he traveled to Shunem, a childless family looked after his needs. The matron of the home said to her husband there needs to be a private lodging place for him.

Elisha was moved by the gesture and sought to do something for the husband/wife host, but she wanted nothing; she only desired for them to be a blessing to him. Elisha’s servant mentioned to him that she and husband were childless. Elisha called her and promised a son would be born to her. She was in disbelief.

A year later a son was born to the childless couple; sometime later, her child, while in the field with his father, took sick and died. She was crushed! Not to be distracted, she sets her course to the home of the “man of God”, not allowing herself or the one taking her to be slack in pace.

Having arrived, Elisha returns with her, and the little boy has his life returned to him (from the Lord); and the heart-broken mother has joy that can’t be measured.

The industrious wife/mother had to do what she could to render what aid she could to her son and family. She went to the source of her promise years ago. She did what she could.


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