Start with God

The world started with God. He spoke, and it came into existence. God existed before all else. He is not created. He created all things.

Human beings started with God. Before the world was created, God planned to make man. In fact, everything else was created for man’s benefit.

Salvation started with God. He gave free will to man, so that the choice to love and serve God would be a real one. But man rejected God. God was not content to leave it at that. He had decided to bring man back to himself. Continue reading “Start with God”

What Good Is a Year?

We stand again at the door of another year. It’s become old hat. I now go to bed and sleep in the new year, rather than staying up to usher in Day One of the newborn. Though the ceremony has lost its luster, the excitement and trepidation of using a new year for the Lord continue to stir the imagination.

I went to the New Testament and asked, “What good is a year?” Here are a few items to consider as 2010 nears. Continue reading “What Good Is a Year?”