What the Bible says about the Gentiles

This article was written for a dictionary of biblical vocabulary.

Note: For decades we’ve been preparing a dictionary of biblical vocabulary in Portuguese. (There’s light at the end of that tunnel.) We invited people from around the world to contribute. One of our contributors was Paul Goddard, then Dean of Students at Harding Academy in Memphis TN and also a former columnist for Forthright Magazine. What follows is his submission on the term “Gentiles”. The abbreviations for Bible books have been maintained. Continue reading “What the Bible says about the Gentiles”

J.C. Choate on the Gospel

This article comes from J.C.’s book, Divine Definitions.

Note: This article comes from J.C.’s book, Divine Definitions (World Literature Publications, 1978), p. 16.

Good news; glad tidings; the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ; facts pertaining to Christ in relation to the salvation that he offered, and still offers, the world. Continue reading “J.C. Choate on the Gospel”