Precious gift of life: David Binkley

Binkley’s Word of the Day: Lk 17.10.

So you also, when you have done all that you were commanded, say, “We are unworthy servants; we have only done what was our duty. (Luke 17:10 ESV)

Так і ви, коли зробите все вам наказане, то кажіть: Ми нікчемні раби, бо зробили лиш те, що повинні зробити були! (Луки 17:10 Ukrainian)

Our dear Heavenly Father ~ thank you dear Lord for the precious gift of life on this new day, that once again makes us aware of your presence as we observe your incomparable power and love at work in the lives of people all over this world. Continue reading “Precious gift of life: David Binkley”

What the Bible says about the Gentiles

This article was written for a dictionary of biblical vocabulary.

Note: For decades we’ve been preparing a dictionary of biblical vocabulary in Portuguese. (There’s light at the end of that tunnel.) We invited people from around the world to contribute. One of our contributors was Paul Goddard, then Dean of Students at Harding Academy in Memphis TN and also a former columnist for Forthright Magazine. What follows is his submission on the term “Gentiles”. The abbreviations for Bible books have been maintained. Continue reading “What the Bible says about the Gentiles”

Some misconceptions about life after the death of the body

Such errors ignore that conduct has consequences.

BY GERALD COWAN ─ The world’s notions about what follows the death of the body are often foolish fancy, wishful thinking. But there is some truth to be had — from the book of God, the Bible.

There is the universal blessing after death theory. Many people claim to have died or nearly died, and then returned to the land of the living with a report of what it is like “on the other side” of death. Continue reading “Some misconceptions about life after the death of the body”

We train for that

The Bible makes us well equipped for the things we face in life.

BY JOHNNY O. TRAIL — A gentleman who attends the congregation I work with was a professional pilot for over 40 years.  I asked him about experiences he had while flying for a major airline company, “Did you ever have any in-flight emergencies?”  His response was, “Why, of course.”  I requested, “Please do tell.”  He then shared the following story. Continue reading “We train for that”

Evangelist’s website teems with biblical materials

Jon Gary Williams provides an update on his online work.

BY JON GARY WILLIAMS — Here’s an update of my website. More than 90% of its content deals with research materials that I’ve put together since the late 1950s. It contains a wide range of topics, many which are designed to explore matters most are unfamiliar with. Continue reading “Evangelist’s website teems with biblical materials”

The faith of Science

Acceptance of evolution as the explanation for the existence of all things was a choice based upon their desires.

BY RON BARTENAN — I should probably have entitled this article, “The Faith of Pseudo-Science”.  In an age when science is looked to as the answer for about everything, we need to remind ourselves that in addition to real science there is, and always has been, a “science falsely so-called” (1 Timothy 6:20). Continue reading “The faith of Science”

J.C. Choate on the Gospel

This article comes from J.C.’s book, Divine Definitions.

Note: This article comes from J.C.’s book, Divine Definitions (World Literature Publications, 1978), p. 16.

Good news; glad tidings; the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ; facts pertaining to Christ in relation to the salvation that he offered, and still offers, the world. Continue reading “J.C. Choate on the Gospel”

Untangle our hearts

Word of the Day: David Binkley shares a Bible text and prayer.

For it is written, “As I live, says the Lord, every knee shall bow to me, and every tongue shall confess to God.” So then each of us will give an account of himself to God. (Romans 14:11-12 ESV)

Бо написано: Я живу, каже Господь, і схилиться кожне коліно передо Мною, і визнає Бога кожен язик! Тому кожен із нас сам за себе дасть відповідь Богові. (До римлян 14:11-12 Ukrainian)

Continue reading “Untangle our hearts”

Make Psalm 37 your personal motto

This teaching psalm is valuable for everyone.

BY GERALD COWAN — Psalm 37 is a “teaching psalm” of practical instruction. It is credited to David, apparently written late in life but not connected to any particular event or circumstance. As such it is valuable for teaching everyone. It is easily divided into three major parts. Continue reading “Make Psalm 37 your personal motto”