The struggle against evil is constant: Prayer

A prayer for Sunday and for every day.

Our only God of kindness …

The struggle against evil is constant, so we know your patience is so great, since we human beings get tired and discouraged when we look at the evil flood in the world and almost drown in it. Preserve us, O Sovereign, and keep our eyes on the Lord Jesus. He went to the end and rose from the dead with total victory. He will return to seek the faithful. I want to be in the middle of these. I want to fight the good fight and successfully finish the race. Continue reading “The struggle against evil is constant: Prayer”

Book, chapter, verse and context

Among sundry items, the editor thinks he saw another chiasmus.

¶ I like book, chapter, and verse. Is there any other way to go? What’s not to like? Add in the context, and that approach will take us far.

¶ Critics there are of adhering closely to the sacred Text. It’s their way of getting you to pay attention to them. Continue reading “Book, chapter, verse and context”

‘The word came to me’

A divine event happened to one man in the midst of many.

The Bible proclaims to be a revelation from God and a product of the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. It consistently demonstrates that it is exactly what it claims to be. We can, therefore, open its pages with complete confidence that we are hearing the Word of God. Continue reading “‘The word came to me’”