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Forthright going forward

Everything is being gathered under the domain: Forthright Magazine, Brotherhood News, The Fellowship Room, Sermon Lines, Believing Prayer. The menu at the top directs the visitor to the various sections.

For now columnists and contributors send me the articles, blog posts, sermon outlines, and I’m creating usernames etc., as we go. Little by little, we’ll get everyone set up.

We’re using ClassicPress, which is WordPress cleaned up. The FMag columnists are familiar with it. It looks like WP, so not much learning curve.

My brother Kevin suggested putting older material from the various sites in a searchable database. It will contain thousands of articles and posts. So we’re starting the website with a clean slate.

Soon, the subscribers should be added to the site. Please share links freely.

The database will come in a few weeks. It will be in a useful format. Right now, the focus is on new content.


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