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Advice to wives in 10 big rules

Here is a little list I found while digging through some old material. There’s no indication that I had published it before.

  1. Listen carefully to what he says, and to what he doesn’t say. If you complain that he won’t talk to you, maybe it’s because you’ve not learned to listen.
  2. Build up his ego. Sincerely. He needs approval and acceptance. Praise him. Believe in him, don’t tear him down.
  3. Never, ever criticize him in front of others. This is playing unfairly. It is cowardly.
  4. Enjoy your intimate life together. Follow the rule of 1 Corinthians 7.3-5. He needs you, physically. Your intimate relationship makes you one flesh.
  5. Make home an enjoyable place for him to come back to.
  6. Consider yourself a homemaker, “fulfilling [your] duties at home” Titus 2.5.
  7. Keep your priorities in order: God first, your husband second, your children third, and others last.
  8. Nagging creates barriers and causes your husband to close up.
  9. Don’t bother to tell him all his faults, all the times he fails to do what he ought, all the times he leaves his clothes on the floor.
  10. Take care of your spiritual life with God. Pray for yourself, your husband, and your relationship. Develop your commitment to God. He will carry you through.


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