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God loves you

The famous star passed in front a hall where a group of Christians were singing and worshiping God. He backed up, dismissed his entourage, and entered the assembly. He sat on the last row.

A humble saint noticed his presence, brought him a Bible, and sat down beside him. As the meeting progressed, the star was impressed with the simplicity of the worship and sincerity of the worshipers.

He felt the smallness and hypocrisy of his own life. His public persona was the ultimate nice guy; his private life was a moral disaster; his soul had been hollowed out.

A tear rolled down his cheek.

The saint noticed. Not knowing who the star was, the saint told him, “God loves you, as much as anyone else here. You’re worth as much to God as anyone. It doesn’t matter what you’ve done, or what your sin is, he wants to forgive you in Christ.”

The saint had no idea that the star was “worth” more, financially, than the whole group.

The star smiled at the saint, and, after a moment, rose and left.

He had heard truth. Now what?

You, dear reader, have heard it as well. You may have felt the discrepancy between God’s truth and your own distance from God’s will, between a sincere walk of faith and the life you live, between your ambition and God’s purpose.

Maybe it’s a hard thing to believe, that God loves you, that he values you as much as the next person, that he stands read to forgive and welcome you into his arms. It’s true. The whole Bible is the story of God’s search for you. For me. For us all.

Our little houses of worth fall quickly, like sand castles on the beach. What time we spend propping them up! What efforts we make pretending they’re real!

We can be a star, a billionaire, or a power broker, it really doesn’t matter. We can be an introvert, a hoarder, a social hermit hidden in the basement, it doesn’t matter either.

The fact is, God loves you. That’s all that really matters, because that fact changes everything.

Let the tears roll down. And let the light of truth come streaming in. Don’t walk away.


J. Randal Matheny
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