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Faith in the Resurrection of Jesus

You will not abandon me” (Psalm 16:10, NIV).

Theoretically, even if it mattered to no one else, the resurrection still mattered to at least one person: Jesus.

Before time began Jesus’ assignment was to offer Himself up as a sacrifice to God (see: Rev. 13:8; Mark 10:45). Yes, the deity of Jesus knew all things, but the humanity of Jesus had to come by His faith the hard way like all other men (see: Luke 2:52; Heb. 2:17-18; Heb. 4:15; Php. 2:5-8).

If that is not so, how is He either an example of faith to imitate, or a comforting presence when we falter?

This assignment was accompanied by God’s promises – in which our Man, Jesus, placed His trust. One of the most pivotal promises is found in Psalm 16, which the Holy Spirit revealed to us as the heart of the suffering Jesus when Peter preached His great Pentecost sermon, recorded in Acts 2,

My flesh also will live in hope; because You will not abandon my soul to Hades, nor allow Your Holy One to undergo decay. You have made known to me the way of life (vv.26-28).

God promised that if Jesus would follow through every detail of this harrowing mission—which culminated in a completely unjust and shameful public execution—His body would not be left to rot in the grave, nor would His spirit eternally wander in the unseen realm of the dead (Hades). Instead, the Father would vindicate Him fully, and reward Him with everlasting life (Rom. 1:4).

Jesus died with the hope of that promise in His heart, and on His tongue: “Father, into Thy hands, I commit my spirit.”

Nobody had greater faith in the resurrection of Jesus, than Jesus.


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