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Don‘t trust the experts

A phrase that has been used a lot recently is: “Trust the Science.” However, there is no objective Science, separate from scientists. Research on works published in specialized journals in various scientific fields reveals that many of the articles are invented and the results falsified. Artificial intelligence has only made the problem worse.

Scientists are also human, subject to envy, ambition, greed, and other temptations common to others. Trusting in man, no matter how well-educated he is, leads to disaster.

Specialization leads many people to trust experts, those who know their field of expertise, whether they are doctors, politicians, or religious authorities. The most religious people in Jesus’ time were the Pharisees. They rejected the Messiah. They even said, “We know that this man is a sinner” John 9.24. The Pharisees and teachers of the law claimed to know the Scriptures.

But it was they who reached horribly wrong conclusions about Jesus: “Then some of the experts in the law said to themselves, ‘This man is blaspheming!’”

And to the Sadducees, who controlled the temple, the Lord said, “You are deceived because you do not know the Scriptures or the power of God!” Matthew 22.29.

There is no more unfortunate and sad phrase than this: “I will ask my pastor/priest.” Even in the brotherhood of the saints, this tendency prevails. Many will be lost on the last day because they trusted the experts.

In his wisdom, the eternal God has circumvented the problem of trusting experts by giving us his Word in writing. In it, we have the entire will and plan of God revealed. Each person has the opportunity and the responsibility to read and discover for himself.

Who are you trusting in, my friend?

Thank you, our Father in Heaven, for communicating directly with everyone through the Holy Scriptures. In Jesus, Amen.


J. Randal Matheny
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