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‘Arrange all this for us, O God!’

Lord God:

We want a little bit of religion and a lot of our own will. We do not want to be bothered by the commitments of faith or the works of Master’s mission.

We want to punch the clock on Sunday and have the rest of the week to ourselves. We don’t want brotherly love that forces us to listen, support, teach or warn.

We want the hurry of greed and the worries of this world without your interference. We do not want to live by faith, but by the things we see and possess.

We want an identity defined by the status of the world and the standard of this corrupted generation. We do not want the humility of being only Christians, without infrastructure, without theology, without denomination.

We want the crown of life without the cross of Christ. We don’t want to move from our laziness, nor give up our comfort.

Arrange all this for us, O God, for your plan does not please us!

This prayer was translated from the Portuguese. Here’s what the author is doing these days. Please share the link with your friends. Comment on this here.


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