Authentic ≠ justified

We value genuineness and hence transparency. We shun hypocrisy. We listen to the lament and impeccatory Psalms where psalmists authentically pour out their hearts to God. We infer we too can express ourselves genuinely to God.

Then we notice on social media or perhaps in personal conversations, disciples venting their rage and ranting. They might even claim to be justified before God because they are being transparent and genuine. What are we to think?

I am reminded that many missteps involve partial truths. We need to be careful.

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Like the top of a rock

An arrangement of three large boulders is huddled among my Rudbeckias and Helianthus, their tops shining white in the morning sun. At summer’s end, gathering seeds from the flowers for next year, I found the middle stone to be a nice place to spread them out to dry.

It’s a cozy place to do some garden tasks, or just sit and reflect. I can’t imagine the east garden without them.

What if your home or city was spoken against, and you were warned that it would become a bare rock? A place where fishermen spread their nets to dry? Continue reading “Like the top of a rock”

Sin stops here

Among the many purposes God has given his people, one of them involves preventing the further spread of infectious evil. How God’s people are to achieve this spiritual offensive might be surprising.

Whenever people suffer injustice, wherever slander has destroyed, however sin has hurt, evil’s impact entices retaliation. To succumb to the temptation only enables darkness to penetrate one’s own heart, further promulgating the spread of evil. The Christian life, however, involves being called to stop that infectious spread of sin. Continue reading “Sin stops here”