Little Red Riding Hood – an obituary

“Little Red” was parked yesterday in her favorite spot, where she can photobomb any garden pictures along the path in the front corner garden.

This car won’t look as good as she did in the photo from 5 years ago, now that her paint is peeling. We thought about getting her a new coat of paint. But since she just passed the 333,333 mark on her odometer, it didn’t seem wise. Continue reading “Little Red Riding Hood – an obituary”

Broken clay pots

You know those cute little pictures in the gardening magazines and Pinterest boards with the adorable little outbuildings for gardening supplies? The area I use for potting up plants is aptly named “Pottersville” due to the seedy, unkempt nature of the space.

The secret to a homey, charming little potting shed as opposed to — well, mine — is to use only clay pots instead of those ubiquitous plastic pots. However, you almost never find plants for sale in the pretty little clay pots, because of the price differential. Continue reading “Broken clay pots”

Still good

Autumn is not my favorite season.

There is a sense of sadness, of melancholy, of having to say “goodbye” to the plants and flowers that have so generously treated us to glorious color during the growing season.

Even the brilliant colors of the changing leaves indicate that the trees have stopped making the chlorophyll that creates the vibrant green color they held for so long. It’s really a sign of decay. Continue reading “Still good”