Being understood

The Christians at Corinth were blessed in having been given many ‘spiritual gifts’. These were miraculous in nature – they did not have them through their own study or ability.

One of these gifts in particular seems to have caused some problems, possibly in those having it thinking they were greater than other Christians. This gift is often translated as “speaking in tongues”; if we were to translate it into modern English it would be “speaking in other languages”. The ‘tongues’ referred to in the New Testament were not ecstatic syllables which meant nothing, but rather languages. Although unknown to those who did not know them, they were known by those who spoke them. Continue reading “Being understood”

Follow your heart

One of the silliest Hollywood slogans of all time has to be this: “Follow your heart.”

Really? Have you found your feelings to be particularly reliable? The last time you felt like giving someone a piece of your mind, was that a good idea? The last time you had feelings for someone not your spouse, was that a good idea?

“The heart is deceitful,” the prophet warns us, “and desperately sick; who can understand it?” (Jeremiah 17:9). Continue reading “Follow your heart”

God’s word give light

The doorway of your word gives light. They give insight to the untrained. (Psalm 119:130 NET)

If you have been following through our Bible reading schedule for the past year, you will now have completed reading the New Testament. We hope the thoughts we have written to accompany one day’s reading each week have been helpful – we appreciate the comments that we have received. Continue reading “God’s word give light”