Sundries: Never in charge

Man is never in charge of his life, and at that moment when he begins to assert control, he pushes God out. The desire to control is the essence of rebellion.

Jesus died to sanctify the church. Sanctification lies at the heart of the gospel. Without holiness (sanctity) no one shall see the Lord. God is holy and no one who is not shall enter his presence. God’s will therefore is to make us holy and for us to be holy and to offer to others the means to holiness.

Ignorance is not so much not knowing as not paying attention. Man ignores God, chooses not to know him, decides to leave his Word unread and unheeded. The ignorant man commits a damning sin, in need of the light of the gospel in order to save. Continue reading “Sundries: Never in charge”

Remembering Death in Life

With the death of Michael Jackson, the media buzzes with details of his popular career and his bizarre life: star of the family group, the Jackson Five, the changes in his music, his marriage to Lisa Marie Presley, his financial woes, his three children, all of whom bear both his names, his cosmetic surgeries, the charges of child molestation. Death calls us to remember a life, no matter how wonderful or sordid. Continue reading Remembering Death in Life