Leave it be!

It’s that time of the year again; garden and yard cleanup! The chore of getting all the old debris and fallen leaves out of the flower beds should really be put off until after the last frost, but most of us just can’t help ourselves.

We see new life sprouting up from the ground; and as a way of greeting our favorite perennial plants, we prematurely pull away the leaves that might have protected them against a cold snap. Leaves and plant debris around the soil can act to insulate against frosty temperatures. Continue reading “Leave it be!”

Watch for leaps of growth

It is absolutely true that God works over time in our lives to mature and sanctify us. Each day for the saint is a day of learning, growth, and a continual drawing near to him (1 Peter 2:4). Each experience, each moment of suffering, each opportunity for service provides the disciple with gradual steps toward the final goal of full sanctification and eternal life. Continue reading “Watch for leaps of growth”

God’s eternal fatherhood: more harm than good?

“…if ye had known me, ye should have known my Father also” (John 8:19)

The notorious atheist Christopher Hitchens (1949-2011) once argued in a debate that having an “eternal Father” is one of the most detestable things he could imagine, and it was one of the worst constructs of the Christian religion. Continue reading “God’s eternal fatherhood: more harm than good?”

Spiritual vegetarians

When a baby is born, they are fed milk or formula until they are able to handle solid food. As we grow, we have a greater say over our diet.

Some choose to become meat eaters while others become vegetarians. Neither is inherently right or wrong since you can find a host of experts and advocates on both sides.

Spiritually, though, we can be more certain. In the Bible, God uses diet to refer to spiritual maturity. New Christians can’t handle the advanced teaching that may be a normal meal for a mature Christian. Continue reading “Spiritual vegetarians”