“Free Wife”

The sign from the north said, “Free Wifi,” but drivers from the south were promised a “Free Wife.” While missing a spelling mistake for one day is understandable, doing so for weeks is something else indeed.

Have the owner, manager and employees not noticed the error? A Chinese restaurant advertised “Free Deliery” for years. How is it possible that no one noticed that the sign needed changing for that ridiculous period of time?

Messed up signs have unintended consequences. Most will think either that the proprietors are uncaring or ignorant. When we run a business, we must pay very close attention to detail. Continue reading ““Free Wife””

Red sky at night, shepherds delight…

Most of the family holidays we took as our children were growing up were camping holidays – we had a tent big enough for the family and off we would go to see some new area of Scotland or England, and occasionally Wales.

One summer we went to Ireland. Our children were in their teens and it had been a particularly wet week. They had been wanting to go to the beach and we were camping within easy reach of several nice sheltered beaches. (Keep in mind that the north Atlantic feels like it has ice in it in the middle of summer!) Continue reading “Red sky at night, shepherds delight…”