26 Biblical points on sex and marriage

To accompany a recent sermon on sexual immorality, I wrote the following summary points on sex and marriage, focusing especially on the former. They have been translated from Portuguese.

These are basically bullet points designed for people who are coming to know God’s will. They’re designed to be starting points for further study. Continue reading “26 Biblical points on sex and marriage”

Sundries: Sex, memory, and a bad sort of minimalism

I avoid sensationalism, preferring the understated approach. Sex is one of those subjects that turns a lot of heads. In Brazil, money and religion are volatile subjects. So when addressing them, we try to deal with them in all sobriety. Last week, I posted for the congregation in Brazil 26 summary points on the biblical teaching about sex and marriage. Maybe I’ll share it here one of these days. (Update: Read them here.)

The points reinforced a lesson to the church on sexual immorality. To be holy means, in part, knowing how to deal with our sexuality.

Modern society is soaked in sensuality. The word is counted as a good thing. Not so in Scripture. It’s the door to immorality. Continue reading “Sundries: Sex, memory, and a bad sort of minimalism”

The complexities of modesty

Modesty is a complex issue, especially when we fail to understand all the pieces of the puzzle.

Paul mentions modesty in the context of women who dress to provoke envy and desire (1 Timothy 2:9). However, Christians must display pure lives and flee fornication and lust, which begins in the heart (Matthew 5:27-28; Hebrews 13:4; Matthew 15:19; James 1:14-15).

David was drawn into sin by a nude woman (2 Samuel 11) and God condemns women who flaunt themselves sexually (Proverbs 5).

If we take this subject apart, we can become more knowledgeable and prepared. Continue reading “The complexities of modesty”

Why affection is so important to marriage

Thomas and Maggie sat in marriage counseling. Maggie dabbed at her swollen eyes as she cried about Thomas’ refusal to be affectionate to his wife of 32 years.

The counselor asked Thomas why he was cold towards her.

“That’s silly stuff. I won’t do it.”

“Maggie, did Thomas kiss you when you were dating?” Continue reading “Why affection is so important to marriage”

The Bible’s Simple Plan for Sex

Scripture speaks often and favorably about sex. God loves humanity and provides sexual fulfillment as a rewarding way to bring marriages closer together and to produce offspring.

In the proper context, it is a powerful and beautiful thing. We will briefly consider the proper role of sex in our lives.

God’s plan is simple and wholesome. However, the world ridicules it as being old-fashioned, outdated and repressive. These false charges are proof of how sexually depraved the world has become. Continue reading “The Bible’s Simple Plan for Sex”

Sexual Sin

One of the most often discussed subjects in Scripture is sex and yet it is one of the least mentioned in Churches. To ignore something everyone else is discussing, and Scripture is so open about, is ridiculous.

God created sex for men and women for specific contexts. It is a beautiful, powerful experience bringing couples closer together (Proverbs 5:15-20). However, God has very strict parameters for sexual activity that are nonnegotiable. Continue reading “Sexual Sin”