The flavor of crow

For everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted” (Luke 14:11).

If there is one thing American society needs in particular, it is humility. (A warning: this is not only a post about the words of Christ, it is also thick with sports talk – at least, the first part).

For Christmas this year, my wife got me a framed picture of one of my childhood heroes: Walter Payton.


Not everything about Payton’s life was admirable, but certainly as a football player, there was none like him. And one thing that I personally appreciated was that he didn’t showboat on the field. Continue reading “The flavor of crow”

The unfathomable depth of Jesus

“Two men went up into the Temple to pray” (Luke 18:10).

There are so many layers to Jesus’ teachings; it makes the study of his word, and all of Scripture, a profound experience.

Take, for example, the passage above. Jesus taught a parable concerning self-righteousness. Two men, a Pharisee (who considered himself righteous) and a tax-collector (who considered himself a sinner), went to the Temple in Jerusalem, which was tantamount to approaching God himself.

The Pharisee declared his own holiness and flippantly thanked God for it. The tax-collector declared his un-holiness, and begged God for mercy. Continue reading “The unfathomable depth of Jesus”