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What to do when you don’t know what to do

We must study and learn on our own.

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How do we give problems to the Lord?

How we can involve the Lord to help overcome our struggles…

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The Misunderstanding

Her big blue eyes looked up through thick bangs and I felt my own tears at her words, “There’s no power at my house.” This first grader was one of my favorites. She was so sweet and precious. I held myself together as she continued, “But Mom said we might get it back on this week.”

Enduring The Blows Of Life

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Enduring The Blows Of Life

Many analogies have been used to describe our lives on earth: voyages across often-stormy seas, climbing to the summit of a tall mountain, fighting daily battles. We steer clear of comparisons like “a bed of roses” because we know one thing for sure: Life is sometimes quite difficult.

Who Will Remember Me?

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Who Will Remember Me?


Joseph was looking at a key that could unlock his prison cell and set him free. Not a literal key, but a person who would be in a position to win Joseph’s freedom. But would this person remember Joseph?