Something greater than the temple is here

The temple represented God’s presence with his people. This temple was designed by God himself, but built with human hands. Its sole purpose was to unite the one God with his people. It was here that the very presence of God would dwell (1 Kings 8:10-13).

But it would not always be so. The sins of the people separated themselves from God so that his glory left the temple (Ezekiel 10). Then, God orchestrated the destruction of the house built for him (2 Kings 25). While Nebuchadnezzar was the instrument of destruction, the plan and the power came from above (Jeremiah 7:14). The people had come to trust in the temple, in much the same way as they had trusted in the Ark of the Covenant years earlier (Jeremiah 7:4, 11, 12). Continue reading “Something greater than the temple is here”

Always Jesus

The motto for our Brazilian national ministry is “Always Jesus.” It means that the Lord Jesus is always the center of our attention. He is the focus of our faith. He must be in first place, for the kingdom of God is also his, Ephesians 5.5; Matthew 6.33; John 18.36.

We can and should deal with many topics that the Bible mentions. And these are considered in the light of Jesus Christ as the wisdom and power of God for salvation. If we speak of the church, the end times, the family, money, employment—whatever the subject—we must bring the subject to the feet of Jesus and submit it to his Lordship. Continue reading “Always Jesus”