Preparing for a harvest

Although the writings of the prophet Isaiah were given for a specific purpose, in particular, of calling the people of the northern and southern kingdoms back to following God, there are many lessons we can learn today. The information about the coming Messiah springs readily to mind, but we also find other passages that cause us to think and evaluate what we are doing. Notice this passage about farming.

“Listen and hear my voice; pay attention and hear what I say. When a farmer ploughs for planting, does he plough continually? Does he keep on breaking up and working the soil? When he has levelled the surface, does he not sow caraway and scatter cumin? Does he not plant wheat in its place, barley in its plot, and spelt in its field? His God instructs him and teaches him the right way.” (Isaiah 28:23-26 NIV) Continue reading “Preparing for a harvest”

Here am I, send me!

Volunteering to step up and become involved seems to be getting less popular in Western society. Often it seems that people do not realise they have any responsibility to do anything – after all, we pay taxes so let the government take care of it! And this can often been seen in Christians – let the preacher or elders do it. Yet this is not the way God has worked throughout history. We see this clearly in the prophet Isaiah.

Isaiah was a man who volunteered to step up when God needed him to give his message to the Judah and Jerusalem. We might be quick to state that Isaiah didn’t really volunteer but that God selected him. While this might be true, it wasn’t that God forced Isaiah to be a prophet but that he presented an opportunity for Isaiah to volunteer to serve. Continue reading “Here am I, send me!”

Reaching those around us

After Jesus’ resurrection from the dead he spent forty days with the apostles “and spoke about matters concerning the kingdom of God” (Acts 1:3 NET). We are not given the details of how many times he was with the apostles during this period or what they talked about. The only details we have are of the last time he spoke with them.

“So when they had gathered together, they began to ask him, ‘Lord, is this the time when you are restoring the kingdom to Israel?’” (Acts 1:6)

I often wonder if Jesus was disappointed with this question. He had taught the disciples for several years. He had spent time during the forty days after his resurrection telling them about God’s kingdom. Yet they still had in their minds a physical restoration of a physical kingdom with a physical king. They still did not understand. Continue reading “Reaching those around us”

Beautiful feet

Have you ever been complimented on having beautiful feet? I would suggest that most of us would not regard our feet as the nicest part of our body. Yes, we wash them, trim them, keep them in good shape, but beautiful – not really!

Yet Paul compliments people on having beautiful feet. It wasn’t that the feet themselves were such nice looking feet – it was what the feet did. Notice what he said. Continue reading “Beautiful feet”