From that time

From that time Jesus began to preach, ‘Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand’” (Matthew 4:17).

If you open any harmony on the four gospels, you will see numerous divisions in the life of Christ, like: Birth, Early Galilean Ministry, Judean Ministry, Samaria, Perea and Decapolis, Later Galilean Ministry, etc. But there is a division I came across years ago in the life of Christ that has helped me more than any other. It is not found in chapter and verse divisions, and it does not involve the usual thematic divisions of the harmonies. It marks a profound shift in Jesus’ focus during his ministry. Continue reading “From that time”

Not finished yet

Sounds of laughter and joy fill the air. Wet clothes are abandoned for dry ones. Perhaps prayers and singing erupt. Someone has travelled down the road to finally rely upon Jesus as their Lord and Savior.  Goal achieved?

Paul reminds us that the race is not over yet. For that person who has led another to Christ, his words suggest conversion is not the end. Ministry has only begun.  Continue reading “Not finished yet”

A few thoughts on completing 30 years on the field

Thirty years ago, on Nov. 28, 1984, Vicki, Micah, and I arrived in Brazil, with three other families, to begin our life here, and to kick off our work on the south side of Belo Horizonte. Ten years after that, our family, now five in number, moved to São José dos Campos, the only Americans in the church, to contribute our efforts to a recent beginning. In that time, we’ve started two congregations in this highly populated region and helped with a third beginning.

Our work has included print publications, Internet ministry, Christian youth camps, Christian orphanage and child care, missions consulting, spiritual workshops, Bible seminars, leadership training, and lectureship speaking.

Today, Vicki and I are empty-nesters enjoying our life together and looking foward to new challenges.

Some months ago, I wrote out four questions to serve as a daily journal exercise. I use them below to base my thoughts about our 30 years of continuous presence in Brazil. Continue reading “A few thoughts on completing 30 years on the field”

Writing should be seen as a ministry

The Great Commission calls upon Christians to take the gospel to the world (Matthew 28:18-20). We must be wise to find the most efficient and successful method to deliver the Word.

When God delivered the Law of Moses, he did so in print (Exodus 31:18). Likewise, God assembled the Bible to preserve Scripture for all generations (2 Timothy 3:16-17). Jesus is even called the Word, which can be both spoken and written (John 1:1). Continue reading “Writing should be seen as a ministry”