Contentment is never found in things

The Holman Bible Dictionary defines contentment as “An internal satisfaction which does not demand changes in external circumstances.”

Although it’s one of the most valuable things on earth, how to attain it is highly controversial.

Humanity gropes for solutions but wealth, prestige, glamour, sexuality, substance abuse and rebellion have all failed spectacularly. Continue reading “Contentment is never found in things”

10 Ways How to Think and Act Like a Pagan

#10. Make good use of excuses. Stay out of church because of hypocrites. For every Ananias and Sapphira who get zapped, a hundred other false Christians are hiding in the pews. Hurt feelings are always a good out. Remember: it’s never your fault.

#9. Stay busy running after the necessities of life, instead of putting first the Kingdom of God. After all, that’s what pagans do, heap up material things. Matthew 6:32-33. Continue reading “10 Ways How to Think and Act Like a Pagan”