Jesus is the reason

Gardeners usually have a reason for the things they do. The laws of nature and of nature’s God leave little room for error. If the recipe for marinated Brussels sprouts inspired me to go out and plant them right now, I would be setting myself up for failure.

The irises are interplanted with the daylilies so that the varieties don’t grow together, and to extend the bloom time of the bed.

The cardinal vine was allowed to grow near the rocks, so that the star shaped red blooms of the fernlike Ipomoea plant could cover them.

Marigolds are planted by squash for two reasons. First, they look pretty. Second, they repel squash bugs. Yes, I know that first reason seems rather lame; but it works for me, and it’s true. My father had his own logic about flowers. He couldn’t eat them so he didn’t grow them. Continue reading “Jesus is the reason”