Lessons from 50 years of life in Christ

Best I recall, I was baptized 10 January 1971, on a Sunday afternoon, in Gainesville, Arkansas. The following lessons are a few of those that have been impressed upon me during my life in Christ.

God provides

I’ve have gone through hard times, financially, emotionally, spiritually, and in our work. Difficulties are often present. Life is much easier than it was for many in past days, but it is never a bed of roses. I’ve learned, however, that God provides all we need for life and godliness, 2 Peter 1.3. This truth tells me to take one day at a time, not worry about tomorrow, and pray for daily bread — basic Sermon on the Mount lessons. Fearmongers abound, so I shut them down and tune them out. Continue reading “Lessons from 50 years of life in Christ”

What it means to be a new creation

A look in the mirror will tell nothing. Except for perhaps a softer, more peaceful expression on one’s face, there is no noticeable difference in physical appearance after baptism than before. No one can publish any drastic before and after pictures, when it comes to conversion. No one sprouts wings. No halo appears. No special light or aura surrounds a new Christian’s body. We look the same.

But if one has obeyed the gospel according to the New Testament, something real and profound has occurred. God has acted, the old order has been damaged and diminished, the Spirit has breathed life into a soul, and the new life has appeared where before there was only death and the destiny of destruction. Continue reading “What it means to be a new creation”

Considered Normal

My children are third-culture kids (TCKs). They grew up as Americans in another culture and formed from the two their own little world.

At college, my son Micah was playing a new video game with friends. After he had made several bad shots, one said, “Micah, you can’t hit the broad side of a barn.” At 22 years of age, he’d never heard that phrase before and determined to remember it.

Later, when another friend did poorly on a game, he remarked, “John, you can’t hit the wide side of a barn.” After the laughter died down, Micah discovered he’d almost got it right. Continue reading “Considered Normal”