Exalting encouragement over entitlement

From the start the American flag represented our cry for liberty. Through the years the mantle of freedom has become more than the pursuit of independence from merry ‘ole England. Rather, it has morphed into empowering lifestyle expectations.

Whether expressed with finesse or with a rough crudeness on the morally low end of the spectrum, the language of freedom became a tool for the ego justifying the pursuit of unbridled desires. “I should be able to do whatever I want.”

Polite society discovered at the other end of the spectrum, the comfortable reality of being empowered to engage in anything not inherently wrong. Engulfed within such an environment, Christians can easily acquiesce toward this higher ground to feel justified in simply exemplifying a moralistic lifestyle.

Yet, God calls disciples to a much higher standard than merely abstaining from intrinsically evil acts.

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