A futuristic autobiography

By Johnny O. Trail — A few months ago, I was asked to write a biography for a notable person in the history of the church, N.B. Hardeman.  As I read about his life and wrote a brief biography, I wondered what biographies of the future might look like.

You might not realize this, but you can give another person control over you Facebook page at the time of your death.  I have made provisions for my wife to have full authority over what happens to my page at the time of my passing.  In all honesty, I would love for future generations to have access to my page for the purpose of letting them know about my religious convictions—to potentially help them in finding Christ and other truths revealed in scripture. Continue reading “A futuristic autobiography”

A legacy worth remembering

The name ‘Jehoiada’ may not be among the top names you know from the Bible. It is possible you are not familiar with him. But he was a key person in the history of the kingdom of Judah.

When King Ahaziah was killed by Jehu (who became king of Israel), his mother Athaliah usurped the throne of Judah for herself. We read this about the situation in Judah after Ahaziah’s death: “So there was no-one in the house of Ahaziah powerful enough to retain the kingdom” (2 Chronicles 22:9 NIV).

Athaliah made a grab for power. Athaliah was the daughter of King Ahab and his wife Jezebel (2 Chronicles 21:6). She first killed all of Ahaziah’s children, her grandchildren, so there would be no one left with a claim to the throne. Although she thought she was successful, she missed one. Continue reading “A legacy worth remembering”