Why would anyone hesitate?

“And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men to myself,” (John 12:32,33).

At the climax of the saga of Joseph and his brothers, the moment comes when he can no longer restrain himself. Weeping aloud, Joseph banishes his Egyptian attendants, and faces his estranged brothers. Speaking for the first time in their Hebrew language, he makes this breathless declaration:

“I am Joseph. Does my father still live?” Continue reading “Why would anyone hesitate?”

Who got what?

Jacob’s life was nearing its end. Like his father before him, it was time to give the family blessing before he died. “Jacob called for his sons and said, ‘Gather together so I can tell you what will happen to you in the future. Assemble and listen, you sons of Jacob; listen to Israel, your father.’” (Genesis 49:1-2 NET). Although it was his blessing to his sons, like Isaac’s blessing there contained an element of the prophetic about it – he would be stating what would happen in their future. Continue reading “Who got what?”

A spirit of forgiveness

From the time he had set eyes on his brothers, he wanted to know whether they had changed. He wanted to forgive his brothers. But forgiveness isn’t cheap.

His brothers hadn’t recognised him although he knew them in an instant. After all – all they saw was an Egyptian who was in charge who seemed rather harsh, not the Joseph they had sold into slavery sixteen years earlier. They were his brothers, but had they changed? Continue reading “A spirit of forgiveness”

When hatred consumes us

Having favourites can lead to problems, especially when it is those of your own family. You would have thought Jacob would have learned his lesson in this. After all, both of his parents had a different favourite son, which had led to his having to flee for his life and live with his relatives in the north.

Of his two wives, he had an obvious favourite, but it led to his wives competing to see who could have his affections. And now he had thirteen children, twelve of whom were sons! You might think that he would have learned to stop playing favourites. Continue reading “When hatred consumes us”