I did a double take the second time I saw the two of them together. “Creeping Charlie,” as we call it, is so common that it was no surprise to see it growing in the mulch under the cherry tree. Glechoma Hederacea, along with its cousin Lamium (otherwise known as deadnettle) has been infesting my garden beds for years.

Upon closer inspection, one of these lush green weeds with scalloped-edged leaves was different. It was a stray Lemon Balm; something to put in my water to infuse it with a lemony taste. Water would be rendered quite bitter if it were infused with “ground ivy” as some call it. Continue reading “Unequal”

When hatred consumes us

Having favourites can lead to problems, especially when it is those of your own family. You would have thought Jacob would have learned his lesson in this. After all, both of his parents had a different favourite son, which had led to his having to flee for his life and live with his relatives in the north.

Of his two wives, he had an obvious favourite, but it led to his wives competing to see who could have his affections. And now he had thirteen children, twelve of whom were sons! You might think that he would have learned to stop playing favourites. Continue reading “When hatred consumes us”