How did we get here? Start from the beginning.

Probably not a few Israelites wandering for 40 years in the desert wondered how it was they got there. Maybe even Moses was asking how he had got himself into the long trek to nowhere. None of them could have been a happy camper. The majority were circling the desert until they died off. The generation under 20 years of age had to pass the best years of their lives in a waiting game.

How did the chosen people of Israel come to a full stop? More importantly, what did the 40-year-pause mean for the plan of God? And how might the young generation remember they were God’s special people in the midst of the nations? Perhaps to that end Moses writes. Continue reading “How did we get here? Start from the beginning.”

The Kingdom

Behold the kingdom of God is in the midst of you” (Luke 17:21).

The Jews of the first century made a fundamental mistake. They expected the Messiah to come to earth and establish a physical, earthly kingdom.

Jesus was, it seems, always trying to tamp this expectation down. When he fed the five thousand, they tried to make him king, and he had to escape their poorly directed fervor (John 6:15). When Pilate asked whether he was a king, he had to explain that his kingdom was “not of this world” (John 18:36). Continue reading “The Kingdom”

Are we led by the Spirit?

For hundreds of years the Israelites had been slaves in Egypt. When Moses appeared to lead them out of slavery he showed the Israelites the power of God.

The ten plagues showed that God was not only powerful but more powerful than all the gods of Egypt. After the tenth plague, the death of the first-born, the Egyptians couldn’t get the Israelites out of their land fast enough. Even when it appeared that the Pharaoh with his army had the Israelites trapped against the Dead Sea, God came to the rescue and not only delivered them but destroyed the Pharaoh’s army.

You would have thought with all the evidence in front of them that the Israelites would have been faithful to God no matter what happened. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. Continue reading “Are we led by the Spirit?”

Do these two things ever distract you?

“I must preach the good news of the kingdom of God to the other towns as well; for I was sent for this purpose.” (Luke 4:43)

There are numerous things that vie for our attention in this digital age. Computers, smart phones, tablets, social media apps – they all ring, bleep, notify, chime and alarm us of the next seemingly important thing. Much of the time, it is just social candy that distracts us from more nourishing things in life.

This is also true spiritually. We can easily become distracted from our mission and purpose as Christians, if we’re not careful. Here are a couple of things that can distract us: Continue reading “Do these two things ever distract you?”

Knowing who you are

The Pharaoh’s edicts became more and more sinister. Because the people of Israel had multiplied so rapidly, the new king over Egypt feared them. But how do you stop an ethnic minority from growing? Beginning with enslaving the Israelites, the Pharaoh moved on to genocide in the form of ordering all the male babies to be killed.

This was the condition that a Levite couple found themselves in. The woman gave birth to a child but she could not bring herself to kill him. After hiding him for three months, it got to the point that she could no longer hide him. So they obeyed the Pharaoh by casting him in the river, only they made sure he was in a basket that would float. Continue reading “Knowing who you are”