Authority is given

“All power is given unto me” (Matthew 28:18)

Many of the sayings of Jesus are paradoxical in nature. In other words, they appear to contradict. Note: they do not actually contradict, but they appear to; that’s the nature of a paradox.

The statement above is one such paradox. If Jesus is divine as he claimed to be, how can he possibly receive authority from someone else? Continue reading “Authority is given”

The bench

There is a photograph floating around that depicts five old African men sitting on a bench, holding hymnbooks and singing. Four of the men are black men, their faces distorted, their thoughts transposed by the beauty and intensity of the words they sing. The bench is as sturdy as a politician’s promise.

The fifth “old African man” is my father, his face similarly transfixed by the Shona hymn they sing. He is one of them, melded and fused, the third sekuru (grandfather) in the picture. Their voices are in harmony, their thoughts in unison.

He is an African, one of them. Forty years of working with, crying with, rejoicing with, worshiping with these people will do that to you. Continue reading “The bench”