A help to many, including me

It took a truck to deliver the 10 pizzas, since the motorcycle deliverer couldn’t manage them all. So here came the owner in his vehicle. And right on time, too.

The pizzas were part of our going-away party, after church, for our son Joel, his wife Tansy, and our two grandchildren. (The fact that they’re the children of our son and daughter-in-law is incidental, understand.) They spent 11 months living down the street from us and will be returning this week to the U.S., as planned.

This was the first time we’ve had grandchildren living near us. It was a grand experience. They were able to see us in our home setting, rather than a few days visiting in their home once a year or so, and then gone again. Continue reading “A help to many, including me”


The graceful way that a climbing vine wraps itself around the ribs of a trellis is a cause for admiration.

However, this visual delight does not happen automatically. After a week away from home, I went outside to see how my flowers fared in my absence. A beautiful “Blue Picotee” morning glory was blooming low to the ground on the white arbor.

I wondered at first why the vine had not grown much, as it had been just as tall a week earlier. Upon further inspection, I saw the long stem bunched up near the base of the arbor, rather than climbing up the side.

The casual observer of a beautiful trellis with a climbing plant often does not realize that the plant may have had a little bit of help. Continue reading “Upward”