Taking responsibility

“Nathan then said to David, ‘You are the man!’” (2 Samuel 12:7 NASB).

I suspect that I am not alone in my distaste for the blame game being played between various countries and even the different political parties within our own nation for the existence, spread, and extent of the Corona Virus pandemic. Perhaps never has there been greater need for cooperation in battling this new disease for which there is at present neither preventative vaccine nor proven cure. Countries and agencies around the world are competing for vital medicines and equipment which is in dangerously short supply. Yet many seem to be more interested in blaming others than in working for a common cause. Continue reading “Taking responsibility”

She has done what she could

What is it about gardening that causes the fun to often descend into a guilt trip? The dreams that seemed so tangible in February and March taunt us as unfinished projects in June and July.

Maybe the same is true with any other activity, but dust bunnies don’t grow and multiply as readily as ragweeds do in the garden. Nor, for that matter, like the real bunnies that nibble the blueberries and tomatoes. Continue reading “She has done what she could”

Why would anyone hesitate?

“And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men to myself,” (John 12:32,33).

At the climax of the saga of Joseph and his brothers, the moment comes when he can no longer restrain himself. Weeping aloud, Joseph banishes his Egyptian attendants, and faces his estranged brothers. Speaking for the first time in their Hebrew language, he makes this breathless declaration:

“I am Joseph. Does my father still live?” Continue reading “Why would anyone hesitate?”

Guilty until proven innocent

Someone is accused of a crime or a serious offense and a supposedly civilized society morphs into barbarians. An accusation is all the court of public opinion needs to convict. Reason is extinguished and the noose is prepared.

Shaking our heads at the hysterical execution of several women in Salem, Massachusetts during the witch trials in 1692-1693, we do the exact same thing when a scandal arises. Continue reading “Guilty until proven innocent”