Abusive Relationships & Living For God

How should a Christian wife respond to an abusive husband? Does “turning the other cheek” mean that a disciple should quietly accept abusive situations? For those who seek to do God’s will, questions like these deserve a reliable compass from scripture. The Right Starting Point – God’s Compass As with other questions about living, the greatest and second greatest commandments chart a reliable path to God’s answer. Regardless of the situation, the most important directive for any human being is to love God which includes obeying how God wants us to treat others. The second most important obligation for God’s … Continue reading Abusive Relationships & Living For God

A High Speed Motor, But No Compass

Summer is upon us and many will have enjoyed cruising across a lake or a river. If you have ever been in a high-powered speed boat, imagine the absurdity of opening wide throttle a powerful motor at night while lacking any reliable means for navigating where you are headed. The word suicide comes to my mind. As surprising as it may seem, this may be a fitting analogy for one aspect of our American culture since the time of the late 1800’s when a spiritually bankrupt philosophy called pragmatism was introduced to our country. Pragmatism (originally termed instrumentalism) replaced the … Continue reading A High Speed Motor, But No Compass