Firmly rooted and knit together

This is the time of year when the careful gardener is painfully aware of root systems in the garden; especially when they are insufficient.

Rainfall has been almost nonexistent for the past several weeks, and many of the newer trees and shrubs are showing signs of stress. The brilliant colors that herald autumn are muted even in the more established trees, because of insufficient water. Continue reading “Firmly rooted and knit together”

Are you growing?

Soils and hearts are alike as far as Jesus was concerned.

There is the hard ground next to a road. The little grassy paths on which the people of Palestine walked would become hardened. The soil would become so packed down as to be almost impenetrable. Any seed inadvertently thrown down on this ground would be “devoured” (Mark 4:4). A hard-hearted person may hear the word of God, but in no time at all Satan takes it away (Mark 4:15). Continue reading “Are you growing?”

Who gets the credit?

My wife and I went out to see the latest Marvel film yesterday evening. As always, we stayed until the very last credit because Marvel puts in little extras to give you a wee glimpse of what will happen in the next film (or another one to come soon).

But you have to wait until all the credits have gone. And they credit everyone for anything they have done that had to do with the film. I guess if I had a small bit to do with the film I’d probably want to see my name in the “end crawl” as well! I often wonder at some of the names or some of the positions (what is a “best boy” or “best boy grip” anyway?). Continue reading “Who gets the credit?”