Feelings on your shirtsleeves

The tiny vase lapel pin that I usually wear on Sundays is now expected by my fellow worshippers. The little lantana that graced it on a recent Sunday caught the eye of one sister, who knows that I also like to share a photo of a flower every day on social media, calling it my “daily dose of sanity.”

“Well!” she exclaimed, “I see you have your ‘sanity’ here with you today, right on your lapel!”

“Yes,” I said. “Portable sanity! I love it.”

We both shared a laugh and a hug. Continue reading “Feelings on your shirtsleeves”


The tall yellow flower spike of the Common Mullein, or verbascum thapsis, is a centerpiece right now in the front garden. This was a neglected bed since the heartbreak of eight roses being cut down in it after being stricken with an incurable disease. Because I wasn’t watching it carefully, this native plant grew to maturity before being weeded out. That’s alright with me. It’s a very cool plant!

Stachys and Rose Campion share similar qualities. These are a few plants that simply must be touched and felt. Their fuzzy leaves not only look pretty, but offer tactile enjoyment as well. Continue reading “Feelings”

Faulty Feelings

They are real. They are so convincing. We cannot ignore them. They often influence how we respond to others. We express them with words such as: “I’m on top of the world,” “I just don’t see any solution,” “Everything is just fine,” or “I’m stuck.” We call them feelings and they are extremely powerful in influencing how we perceive our lives and the world around us. Have you ever tried to convince someone who was fearful or constantly worrying that she did not need to feel that way? It is not an easy task is it? To convince someone whose veins … Continue reading Faulty Feelings