The queen is dead!

Those worker bees in the yellow hive were not taking as many “orientation flights” as they used to do. Hmm … that’s suspicious.

Yes, we keep bees. Or as some of the more experienced (and skeptical) beekeepers put it, we are “bee have-ers.” We have bees. Whether we can keep them remains to be seen! There are parasites and diseases now that were unknown when my Grandpa kept bees. He just kept them; up there on the hill, in front of the pink rambling roses, out of our way — until we stepped on them with our bare feet in the clover-filled lawn. Continue reading “The queen is dead!”

Where never is heard…

How should you respond when someone has a negative assessment of your work or your character? Did you know that critics in history have, wait for it, sometimes been wrong?

You are not a failure just because someone said you are. You are not a failure just because you made a mistake. You can become something of value in spite of what others may think of you, if you possess the right degree of determination, and if you turn your life over to the God who can change you for the better. Continue reading “Where never is heard…”

You win some, you lose some

Some people look at me as an expert in horticulture. I’ve even been pointed out in a crowd as a “master gardener.” I’m not one. It’s not just because I haven’t completed all the requirements for certification by the local Master Gardener course, but because I have really racked up so many failures.

The fact is, I have lost more plants than some people have ever grown. This year it was my Sea Holly, my new Jack Frost Brunnera, and some heucheras that bit the dust. My prized Georgea Peach heuchera had to be moved during the summer, and it didn’t make it through the transplanting process alive. Continue reading “You win some, you lose some”