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So loved

Sometimes we don’t focus on the right things

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The big deal

We must pay the price to be what our Lord desires.

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Help wanted

Do we misunderstand what God is looking for?

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What is wrong with the world?

What do we see in the mirror?

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A good person can touch a good heart.

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The Ripple Effect

Earthquakes have again struck the South Pacific region. The first was the strongest, occurring on September 29, registering as a magnitude 8.0. The force of the shifting plates beneath the surface of the ocean led to a tsunami.

Work's Bad Rap

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Work's Bad Rap

work_life.jpgSymptoms abound that show Americans don’t like their work. Each week thousands exclaim “It’s Friday!” In those two words is the promise of time away from the salt mine. During the week employees discuss dreams of retirement and how to speed up the process. Retirement, of course, means never having to go to work again.