Attaching or detaching the heart?

“For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also” (Matthew 6:21).

The Christian assigns proper value, and prioritizes accordingly. The most valuable things in life are spiritual things. Worship, prayer, study, goodwill, example, influence, sharing the gospel.

These are easily lost in the mix of life’s activities.

These are easily shuffled to the bottom of the deck.

These are easily forgotten or misplaced. Continue reading “Attaching or detaching the heart?”

The sin of distraction

A non-Christian friend of mine participated in a professional pop-music video a few months back, and the gist of the song was how staying connected 24/7 turns people into zombies. The message is a good one, even if the details might not be appreciated by saints. (Hence, no link.)

Last week, a well known news figure wrote at length about the great sin of today — distraction. An atheist, he even fled to a monastery for a time and gave up his electronics, as he attempted to free himself from its control.

If he’s right that distraction is today’s great sin, then Dug, the cute dog in the “UP” movie, captures it perfectly. He can’t finish a sentence for seeing a squirrel.

There’s always a new buzz, tone, text, tweet, post, status, email, video, link, or grandbaby pic to take us away from a conversation or thought. (Only the grandbaby pics really deserve the distraction, see?) Continue reading “The sin of distraction”

True simplicity

Minimalism and a simple lifestyle are popular philosophies in the modern world of materialism and busy complications. The effort seeks to do with less as a means of enjoying life more.

True simplicity may be enhanced by possessing fewer material goods, but the amount of possessions does not necessarily define it. It consists of a single focus. So says the Lord Jesus Christ. Continue reading “True simplicity”